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Useful stuff for those having a use for it.
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.. brass container .. candle holders .. chairs, antique child's & rocking .. Beseler enlarger .. Evinrude outboard .. Ford Taurus .. lamps .. rack, clothing display .. rugs, oriental .. sunflower pin .. van, Dodge .. wheels, '85 BMW

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photo Description Asking
Dodge van, 1987. Runs, needs brake work and radiator soon. $400
BMW automobile items
  Four 6Jx14 Alloy wheels (slightly bent) with poor 195/60 tires, for 1985 BMW car $150
  Same, but two, with good studded snows, for 1985 BMW car $140
  6Jx14 bare rim (slightly bent), for 1985 BMW car $20
2" sunflower pin, very good conition. Make any offer
Brass container with enameled lid and handle, lid also hinged, good condition. Make any offer
7" tall black ceramic candle holders, " made in Nippon," very good condition. Make any offer
15" tall red ceramic lamp with brass base,very good condition.. Make any offer
10" tall red lamp, very good condition. Make any offer
12" tall kerosene lamp with red glass base. gppd condition. Make any offer
Showroom clothing display rack. Wheeled (ball casters), chrome, adjustable height, glass center piece top. Great for clothing display plus merchandise display on glass top. $45
Antique child's chair. Needs repair. Make an offer


Rocking chair $20

Oriental rugs. $90 each. Top, 2' x 6'2"; bottom, 2' x 6'6"